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HandRock Web Platform
Main Features of HandRock Web Platform
  1. Each site has client view and admin view. administrator has free to make any changes to the site without impacting client view site, until update site button is clicked from admin view.
  2. Has many choices on site page layout.
  3. Flexible to set logo, banner, header and footer content.
  4. Edit site navigation menu hierarchy.
  5. Edit page layout, drag and drop to place available component types, such as text paragraph, published content etc.
  6. Set short-cut for any page.
  7. Define content categories for the site.
  8. Publish rich format content for defined content category.
  9. Present published content using different views.
  10. Set effective and expiry date for each content element.
  11. Set permission to site content.
  12.   Auto importing content from external RSS provider.

Admin View Screeshots