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Domain Name Registration
Mar 23, 2012
To setup your web site, first need to decide the domain name and then register it. The domain name is something like, etc, after domain name is registered, you can setup a web site under that domain, the web site name can be something like,  www is a CNAME record in the domain registration.
Here is user guide to register domain on 10 Dollars web site
1.  Open domain register page from the navigation menu regist1.gif
2.  Enter the domain name you want to register in the input box, and select proper domain type (ca, com, net etc)
click "check" button, if the domain is available, click "continue" button to proceed.
3.  Create a new account if you don't have one with 10Dollars site
4.  Fill in required information for the domain register
5.  on the hosting option page, don't select any hosting, because your site will be host on HandRock web platform.  click button "Continue without Hosting"
6. On name server page, select the option " I want to Park Domain or use Forwarding service"
7. Click "Add to shopping Cart" button
8. Checkout and make payment, you will receive email on the domain registration.
Click here to start domain register on 10 dollars web site.