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Purchase web service package from HandRock
Mar 23, 2012
Here are steps to purchase web service package from HandRock:
1.       Open HandRock web site:
2.       Go to page: Buy Web Service Package step1.jpg
3.       Click the button "Click to start", located at the lower part of the page, then you will see a form to fill in required data for the site you plan to host.step2.jpg
4.       Click "Next Step" to validate the entered data, if require any change, click "Previous Step", or click "Subscribe via Paypal" button to proceed with payment via Paypal site.step3.jpg
5.       Now you will see paypal page, with HandRock as store name.step4.jpg
6.       Login using paypal account if you have one, or click "Credit or debit card" link to create Paypal account.
7.       After complete the payment, and return to HandRock's web site.
8.       If payment went through, you will receive an email, which contains information about your order status and admin account for you to manage your site. the email also contains the IP address for your web site record on name server, next document will show you how to configure www record on name server.